Benefits of Zenn

why should you choose for zenn vinyl planks or tiles?


Planks or tiles. Herringbone or concrete-look. Glue down or click installation. New-build or renovation. In the home or in a commercial space. With (click) or without integrated underlay (glue down).
Whatever you're looking for, Zenn offers a perfect solution.

Besides all the perks of a vinyl floor, this collection provides the most beautiful and authentic look of nature. Whatever you opt for, this collection puts quality and beauty right at your feet.

Discover the advantages below.

The benefits of Zenn vinyl planks & tiles

Responsible floors

Vinyl planks & tiles with a rigid core

Vinyl Planks_Pure_Toulon Oak 999D

waterproof and stain-resistant


Ideal for underfloor heating and cooling

Vinyl Planks_Pure_Columbian Oak 946M

Acoustic comfort