Vinyl rolls

If you are looking for a seamless and beautiful vinyl floor that can be installed anywhere in your home, vinyl rolls is the right option for you.

Don’t let your grandmother’s obsolete vinyl floors fool you: nowadays, cushion vinyl rolls come in countless designs and styles. From vivid colours to the timeless natural look of wood or tile, anything is possible.

We offer vinyl rolls in various dimensions, ranging from 2 to 5 metres wide, ensuring you a seamless floor and a professional look.

Go ahead and explore our collection to pick out your favourite design for every room.

These collections are only available in the Scandinavian countries. For the other markets, please visit the Beauflor website.

If you are looking for a seamless and beautiful vinyl floor that can be installed anywhere in your home, vinyl rolls is the right option for you. Discover all the surprising advantages of vinyl rolls

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Why choose cushion vinyl?

Natural wood & tile looks

Whether you love the warmth and cosy aspect of wood, or you’re fond of the boldness and character of tiles, give your interior the classic look of wood or tiles without the disadvantages of natural materials. With cushion vinyl rolls, you can produce any imaginable design and colour; from the most natural wood or tile to the most extravagant and inspirational texture.


BerryAlloc® offers a worldwide exclusivity on 5 metre wide cushion vinyl rolls, allowing you to easily install your flooring without any joints for the aesthetic and perfect finish your interior deserves.

Super ssssssilent floor

Whether you are walking around in your high heels or feel like having a lazy day in your slippers, our cushion vinyl absorbs noise so well that it is up to 50% more silent than comparable floors! This makes it the ideal flooring solution for apartments or other spaces where noise absorption is very important.

100% waterproof

Looking for a floor that can stand up to wet and dirty shoes or paws? Or do your children sometimes turn your bathroom into a swimming pool? Then our cushion vinyl rolls are just what you need. Our cushion vinyl is 100% waterproof, making it ideal to install in your bathroom, kitchen or any other room.

Low maintenance

Our cushion vinyl rolls are very low maintenance. Thanks to an optional protective polyurethane lacquer, the floor is easy to clean and is protected against daily wear and tear. All it needs is an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.

Comfort & warm touch

The cushioned nature of cushion vinyl floors makes them a pleasure to walk on, they feel warm to the touch and are ideal for barefoot walking. Moreover, the good heat conduction of our vinyl floors makes them the ideal match for your underfloor heating.

Extreme durability

Cushion vinyl floors are protected by a very hard wearing surface. The resistance of vinyl to staining and general household use is one of the key benefits of vinyl floors and makes them one of the most durable types of floorings on the market.

Easy on the pocket

Cushion vinyl rolls are less expensive to produce than other flooring, making them easier on the pocket.