Wood floors made to last

Designed to last

Designed to last

The structure of BerryAlloc® wood floors is made to resist. An HDF (High Density Fibreboard) core guarantees excellent stability, a high level of resistance to impact, true efficiency for underfloor heating and perfect joints (thanks to very precise manufacturing). The noble wood cover will age well.


The BerryAlloc® wood floors are guaranteed for up to 40 years for normal and residential use. The wood floors with a 5 millimetre wood thickness (Lodge XL) 40 years. The wood floors with a 3.3 or 3.5 mm wood thickness are guaranteed for 30 years (Saga, Noble, Lodge and Ecoforest). Wood floors with a 2.5 mm wood thickness are guaranteed for 15 years (Palace and Majestic). Please read our guarantee conditions.

Concerning aesthetics

With the full-glue option, laying your wood floors (made easier by our Best Loc® X-Treme system) does not require expansion joints. We recommend it for wide spaces above 8 m as the result is homogeneous. Otherwise, you should use T-mouldings, which are colour coordinated to your wood floors.