Glue-down vinyl planks: Ready to be glued onto your floor!

A beautiful, durable floor that can be installed in almost every room. That's the essence of our glue-down vinyl planks. You can create your own unique floor patterns with our wide variety of beautiful wood and tile designs, or even decide to mix and match for a dazzling effect. Our glue-down vinyl floors are 100% waterproof, easy to clean and soft to touch. They are also available for purchase in XL sizes.


Our glue-down vinyl planks are available in different dimensions: tiles or planks, in a regular or XL size. The number in each product name indicates the thickness of the protective coating on each plank. Some high traffic areas benefit from a top layer that has a higher wear resistance.


Each design is available in varying dimensions and levels of hardness, unless you opt for our Pro or XL lines. These products are only available with a wear layer of 0,55 mm.

Our glue-down vinyl planks feature gorgeous designs, which are ready to decorate your home. Do you want to learn more about them? Discover all of the advantages of our glue-down vinyl planks here!

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