accesorios para parqué


Ofrecemos una amplia gama de accesorios que son fáciles de instalar –como, por ejemplo, los rodapiés– porque un acabado correcto y minucioso marca la diferencia; perfiles para permitir la fusión perfecta entre dos suelos, conciliar diferentes alturas o unir espacios de expansión; subcapas/cola para preparar a la perfección la instalación de su suelo de parqué; un mamperlán y algunos productos de mantenimiento.


matching 69 mm skirting (oak veneer)

Finish that is a 100% match for when your parquet floor touches the wall.

L 1,950 mm (5 units / pack)

Ready-to-paint white skirting

60 mm (63001756), 80 mm (63001776) or 100mm (9372-3045).

For a finish that matches the colour of your wall.

Ready-to-paint white quarter round

14 mm (63001736)

For a finish that matches the colour of your wall.

L 2,400 x 14 x 14 mm (4 units / pack)

Subcapas o cola

Excellence+ underlay

For floating installation of your wood flooring

Sound reduction by at least 19 dB

1,000 x 10,000 x 2.5 mm

10 m² / roll

Code : SEPLUS10

moisture block 200 μm

Use with your underlay to prevent any moisture coming up

2,600 x 10,000 x 0.2 mm

26 m² / roll

BerryAlloc Adhesive

For a glued-down parquet floor (e.g. combined with underfloor heating)

Consumption: 750-1,000 g/m2 depending on the surface

Available in boxes of three 6 kg bags (18 kg) with scraper

Code : 9310-0024


stair nose

Profile oak 3.3 mm & Ultimtec® varnish

Easy to install thanks to the BestLoc® X-Treme system that is compatible with your parquet floor and 100% matching finish. 

L 1,150 x th. 14 mm


matching T-profile (oak veneer)

Perfect transition between 2 planks of the same thickness.

L 1,150 mm or L 1,950 mm 

matching reducer profile (oak veneer)

Perfect transition between your wood flooring and a lower floor.

L 1,150 mm or L 1,950 mm

matching end profile (oak veneer)

A perfect finish against a bay window.

L 1,950 mm