the DreamClick® family

quick & easy installation

DreamClick®, the unique locking system for our vinyl planks. Available in our Pure and Style collections


Our DreamClick® locking system allows you to click the planks and tiles any way you want

So feel free to turn them around until you find the pattern of your dreams. 

You won’t need any heavy equipment, just take a simple Stanley knife and you’re good to go. No sawing, no dust. 

Get someone to help you, start in the middle and install at double speed. It is called DreamClick® for a reason.

Sounds quick and easy? That’s right.

Thanks to our unique locking system you can install 12 m² in 30 minutes flat.

Whether you’re a DIY’er or a professional, everyone loves our DreamClick®

The 360° interlocking system allows you to use your creativity to the fullest and put together a floor that suits your space and your personality. 

Get inspired by our inspiration patterns like a herringbone or rectangular pattern, or create your own unique combination. 

No matter what you choose, the result is sure to be astonishing.


  Download our document for more info.

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