water-resistant laminate

water-resistant laminate

pioneering hydro+ technology

100% water-resistant floors, fully protected thanks to our pioneering hydro+ technology. Back in 2008, BerryAlloc was the first company to bring this innovation to laminate flooring.

are you curious to know how this technique works?

A hydrophobic coating is applied to all sides of the plank, effectively repelling water when it comes into contact with the joints. Applied during manufacturing, the collection is completely water resistant when it leaves the production line. This unique formulation has indisputably proven its durability, quality, and value for money after years of exposure to daily situations.

We’ve got a selection of hydro+ finishing accessories to protect your floor next to walls and transitions, making it fully equipped to withstand exposure to water and other liquids


Use the Fillertwine joint sealing strip as a base for sealant. Fill in all expansion gaps with Fillertwine to make sure your floor can shrink and expand, without exposing it to water. 

10 m / Ø 8mm – Ref: 63002899

hydro+ Sealant

This specially developed sealant should be used on top of the Fillertwine in expansion points at perimeters, under doorways and around pipes. The hydro+ sealant protects the edges of your floor from coming into contact with humidity. 

310 ml – Ref: HPSILICONE


Consult our instruction manual for more detailed information.

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