revolutionary locking system

the toughest high pressure floor in the world

AluLoc Prime: our revolutionary locking system

In 1996, our HPF plant revolutionised the flooring industry by introducing the first glue-free locking system. This evolved further into our patented AluLoc Prime system today. Made from durable aluminium, AluLoc Prime is made to withstand heavy traffic, and can tolerate loads of up to 1200 kg per linear metre. This makes our high pressure floors the strongest on the market.

This locking system makes high pressure floors ideal for large spaces, as you don’t even have to use expansion profiles for areas up to 15 x 15 m. It requires no special tools and makes the installation of our high pressure floors quick and easy. All you need to do is push down the planks and the lock fixes the plank into place. Smooth, secure, and made for all spaces and lifestyles. 

This is available for our Grand Avenue and Grand Majestic collections.

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