Thoughtful choices, sustainable results

We select our materials using thoughtful, and sustainable processes. To us, quality and recyclability are fundamental factors in our battle to eliminate waste. Not only that, but healthy materials are also essential in improving your well-being.

Solid, high-quality material

When it comes to material selection, we always choose top-tier materials. All so that you can enjoy your naturally beautiful floor longer, without compromising on either quality or design. Our products carry a lifetime warranty for residential buildings, and a 10-year warranty for commercial buildings.

Using less material

We aim to use as little material as possible in our products without compromising on quality. If we don’t need to use new resources, we won’t. That’s why we use 30% less material in our vinyl planks & tiles than most competitors. And that also brings an extra advantage to the table. The reduced product weight makes installation easier and lowers our overall environmental impact: during the procurement of raw materials, during production and transport to your store and home. Win-win! 

Recycled materials

To help achieve our goal of using fewer virgin materials, we continuously explore new ways to increase recycled content in our products, especially for the product core. And we’ve already made great progress: our vinyl planks & tiles boards consist of almost 50% recycled content.

We’re also trying to reduce waste within the production sites too. It happens from time to time that raw materials, such as wood boards, aren’t fit for production. Since we want to maintain our high quality standards, we prefer not to use these materials. In the example of the wood boards, we work together with local sheltered employment to resize these and re-use them to protect our planks during product shipment. 

Recyclable products

Our vinyl planks & tiles are 100% recyclable after use, without quality loss. 

Healthy materials

We want you to stay happy and healthy. And we do not take this commitment lightly. The best way to ensure this, is to deliver products that do not contain suspicious nor potentially harmful substances.

All our products are phthalate-free, and our materials are 100% REACH* compliant. Why is this important? This EU regulation helps us protect your health and focus on your comfort. 
The result? All our floors meet the highest standards in terms of Indoor Air Quality and are proven to take care of your well-being.


Industry professionals have a high level of trust in our products, knowing they meet the highest standards. Our floors contribute to the improvement of their BREEAM and LEED (sustainability assessment for buildings) project ratings. 

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