Wood: a natural choice

Choosing a wooden floor means bringing nature into your home or commercial space, in both looks and materials. Unfortunately, not all wooden floors are sustainable for our bigger home, planet Earth. But that’s not the case at BerryAlloc. If you pick one of our wooden flooring products, you can be assured that you’re supporting responsibly sourced materials that help preserve nature. 

PEFC - certified wood (PEFC/07-31-229, PEFC/03-31-89, PEFC/10-31-1047)

BerryAlloc are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our PEFC - certification proves that we meet the strictest environmental, social, and economic requirements for our wood. This means that the timber used for the production of our products:

Does not come from protected forests

Does not endanger protected species

Does not further contribute to deforestation

Does not negatively impact local communities

Solid, high-quality materials

Our wood selection is always top-tier. All so that you can enjoy your naturally beautiful floor longer, without compromising on either quality or design. Our products carry a lifetime warranty for residential buildings, and a 10-year warranty for commercial buildings.

Wood recycling

To help achieve our goal of reducing the use of virgin materials, we continuously explore new ways to increase recycled content in our products, and we aim to further develop this in the future. The top layer of our high pressure floors range, for instance, consists of 30% recycled paper.

There are also small amounts of recycled paper present in our DPL (deep pressure laminate).


Wood dust: waste or valuable resource?

Our Menen, Meaulne, and Lyngdal production sites produce wood-based flooring (parquet, laminate, and high pressure floors). As a result, we create significant amounts of saw and milling dust as a by-product. But there’s no way we would let that go to waste. 

At our Menen site, the sawdust is used externally as an energy resource. In our Lyngdal and Meaulne sites, the sawdust is used both as an energy resource for the factories themselves, as well as one for the local community and neighbouring production sites.

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