why choose live vinyl planks or tiles?


Stressed out about work? No time to tidy up? Has your toddler been drawing on the wall or did your cat decide the sofa was an excellent
scratching pole? 

We get it – you have a lot to deal with. Everyday life can be unpredictable. Messy. Chaotic. But there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about. And that’s your floor.

The warm, natural colours open the door to nature. It’s easy to clean and easy to install. Live the life you want to live. 

Live, by BerryAlloc.


the benefits of Live

DreamClick® installation system

Our DreamClick installation system is your solution to a fast and user-friendly installation. This floor installs twice as fast as any other traditional installation system.


These waterproof floors will take anything life throws at them.

Easy to maintain

Whatever you like to do, Live is up for it. It's waterproof and easy to maintain. Live your best life without having to worry about your floor. 


Light & rigid floors

Stable and light, Live is the result of years and years of experience in manufacturing rigid vinyl planks and tiles. 

Environmentally conscious

Live is not only lightweight, but also only leaves a light environmental footprint. 

Underfloor heating

These floors will keep your feet toasty and warm.

Phthalate free

You can relax and breathe easily, because all Live products are 100% phthalate free.

Made in Belgium

Live is developed and produced in Belgium. 

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