the fast & easy installation system for floors.

DreamClick: the fast & easy installation system

Fast. Easy. Creative. Our innovative DreamClick installation system in three words. Available for our Pure and Live luxury vinyl planks & tiles collections, this intuitive system is your solution to a fast and user-friendly installation.

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This floor installs twice as fast as any other traditional installation system. In fact, you can finish up to 12 m² in just 30 minutes. And if you pair up and start in the middle of the room, things can go even faster. Don’t believe us? Check out the video.



No sawing, no dust. All you need is a simple cutter knife to cut your boards to the right shape. Plus, you can combine the planks or tiles any way you want thanks to our 360° interlocking system. Check out our DreamClick installation video and manual to see for yourself how easy it can be.  


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Create your dream floor with DreamClick. Define your personal style and mix and match different planks, tiles, colours, and patterns. Want a herringbone pattern? No problem. Would you prefer to combine wood and stone? Sure! Click our vinyl planks and tiles any way you want. Get inspired, and get creative, thanks to DreamClick. 


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A simple solution for replacing damaged floorboards

A worry-free installation, that’s great! But the user-friendly system goes further than just a quick installation. What happens if your floor gets damaged in some way? Thanks to DreamClick, it’s possible to replace just one plank or tile without having to re-do your entire floor. 


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