Wall panels

walls: update the look of your kitchen or bathroom in no time

Looking for a versatile, durable and easy way to renew your kitchen or bathroom interior? BerryAlloc® wall panels are the ideal solution for you.

Choose from an extensive range of natural-looking motifs, surprising designs and different tile sizes to give your space a new look and feel. Wall panels give you a great result and are a lot quicker and easier to install than real tiles.

Made from high pressure or compact laminate, BerryAlloc® wall panels come with a lifetime warranty and are as durable as any other type of wall finishing. Our bathroom wall panels are completely waterproof and the smart Hydroloc profiles allow for a seamless installation. Wall panels can be glued to the wall or screwed onto a wooden frame.

Discover our collections of wall panels for the kitchen, bathroom or install them in any other room you want to decorate.

Curious to know why BerryAlloc® wall panels are the right option for you? Besides their incredible durability, laminate wall panels offer many more benefits.

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why choose wall panels?

lifetime warranty on residential use

Our high pressure and compact laminate wall panels have undergone tests for strength, impact or water damage, discolouration, stability and wear and tear. Thanks to these tests, we can offer a lifetime guarantee on residential use.

so easy to install

Glued or interlocking, our wall panels combine ease of installation with ease of maintenance. They are ideal for renovation projects or for new construction. Discover the secret behind their simplicity.

completely seamless installation

Give your wall a new look quickly, easily and without joining with Wall & Water from BerryAlloc®. The panels are locked together using the unique locking system developed by our technical department in Norway. The result is a smooth wall with no visible joints. Your new bathroom is ready in an instant!


The high pressure Wall&Water laminate panels have a waterproof surface. They can withstand humid and moist environments, making them perfectly suited for use in your bathroom. Don't worry about water damage, our wall panels are made to last.

so many options to choose from

Choose from an extensive range of natural-looking motifs, surprising designs and different tile sizes to give your space a new look and feel. With so many options to choose from, selecting a wall panel design might take longer than installing the panels!


Let the sun in and don't worry about discolouring your walls. Our high pressure floor wall panels are UV-resistant and their design won't change over time.

mindful of the environment

Conscious of environmental challenges, BerryAlloc® respects environmental requirements and strict specifications in terms of sustainable development.

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