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Glued or interlocking, our wall panels combine ease of installation with ease of maintenance. They are ideal for renovation projects or for new construction. Discover the secret behind their simplicity.

Kitchen wall panels

The BerryAlloc® kitchen wall collection, made of compact and durable laminated materials, is both heat and water-resistant. Even direct splashes of boiling water will not damage it. You can quickly and easily install the panels yourself, without making a mess or losing lots of time. Kitchen wall panels are 3 mm thick, which makes them ideal for quick renovations. A tube of BerryAlloc® glue, a little time on your hands and you are all set. The hardest part? Choosing!

Wall&Water panels

Wall&Water panels are best mounted on a wooden frame. BerryAlloc®'s Wall&Water is the only system in the world offering you the look of a tiled wall this quickly and easily - and all without the need for grouting. The panels interlock thanks to the unique 'lock' system developed at our engineering department in Norway. The result: a smooth wall with no visible joints. Your bathroom will be ready in a flash! The panels can also be glued directly onto a solid wall. In this case, the walls must be absolutely straight and smooth. Finally, for walls with existing coverings of varying thickness (such as tiles half way up), you can fix wooden boards of the same thickness and use BerryAlloc® glue.

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