benefits of Strong Wood Floors

why choose strong wood floors?

Born from nature and engineered by humankind, strong wood floors combine the best of both worlds: the beauty and warmth of a real wood parquet surface with the ease and durability of a floor that’s stronger than parquet, just as beautiful and made to last.

Built up using several innovative and sustainable technologies, these are an eco-friendly product of exceptional quality – strong, fast to install, and quiet in use. Their subtle elegance create a positive and uplifting mood to any interior, yet delivers the faultless performance needed for modern living.

Nature kept in balance

Created with great respect to the environment, the oak used in strong wood floors is sourced from responsibly-managed forestry – a practice that ensures resources are kept in perfect balance. Every plank carries PEFC* and FSC certification, as our promise of a more sustainable real wood floor. Using a thinner layer of wood means using less resources as a whole and what’s more, you can do your own bit for the planet and take these long-lasting floors with you when you choose to move to a new home.

*(PEFC/07-31-229, PEFC/03-31-89, PEFC/10-31-1047)

More for less

Premium grade parquet floors on such a grand scale are rare, as it’s simply hard to find the quality of timber. By manufacturing a thinner layer of wood, we’re able to get 10 times the surface coverage from the same piece of wood. It’s this clever and conscious use of nature that makes strong wood floors possible. 

Natural elegance

Strong wood floors are created with nature in mind. The natural wood structures are preserved and embellished with a matt varnish to respect the look and feel of real oak. With a 25-year history in making wood floors, our expertise and knowledge is paramount in selecting rare grade oak in extraordinary lengths.

Ultimtec, innovative varnish

With the appearance of an oil with the toughness and resilience of a lacquer, ultimtec looks wonderfully natural and makes strong wood floors easy to look after and lasting. Resisting scratches and dirt without any extra treatment, strong wood floors are not only naturally beautiful, but easy-going and long-lasting too. 

A strong wood floor

The stability of a high-quality engineered core creates the exceptional strength of strong wood floors. More resistant to impacts than standard parquet, the surface sees the chances of indentation greatly reduced. And that means a surface that’ll stay looking great no matter what life drops on it.

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