Direct Pressure Laminate: A high-quality floor for every room

Close your eyes and imagine your dream floor.

You are sure to find the floor you are thinking of right now in our extensive collection of laminate floors.
A BerryAlloc® laminate floor in the kitchen, bathroom and living room? No problem. We offer durable floors with surprising designs. Our planks come in various dimensions, so you can choose what suits your home best.

Enjoy the look and feel of natural materials like wood and stone without the downsides.
Laminate flooring is easy to clean, quick to install and offers limitless possibilities.

Browse through our collections and find the floor of your dreams.

Apart from the limitless design options, there are a lot of other reasons to choose a direct pressure laminate floor for your home.

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Why choose direct pressure laminate?

A lifetime warranty on residential use

At BerryAlloc®, quality is extremely important. That is why we also offer a lifetime warranty for residential use. Our floors have undergone tests for strength, impact of water damage, discolouration, stability and wear and tear. This has resulted in a floor that you can enjoy for many years.

Sustainably developed

All our products are PEFC certified. This means that they carry the ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes’ label, which guarantees that they come from sustainably managed forests.

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The best locking system

Our Best Loc® (2G) and Best Loc® X-Treme (5G) systems make installing a floor extremely easy and quick. You do not need any special tools to assemble, repair or disassemble our floors.

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Huge variety of dimensions

Our extensive collection offers a lot of plank sizing options. You can choose extra long or extra wide planks to give your room a more spacious feel. Or mimic a classic parquet look with our herringbone or extra narrow planks.

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Plenty of matching accessories

Looking for a perfect finish for your floor? Our accessories include skirtings, profiles and maintenance products. Anyone with a keen eye for detail will find the perfect accessory for their floors in our extensive range.

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Smart technology for extra noise reduction

Our Serenity collection has a special acoustic layer in vinyl, which results in a very silent floor.

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Water and moisture-resistant floors

The Riviera and Serenity collections are extremely resistant to water and moisture. The extra treatment means that water damage does not stand a chance. So no more worrying about water.

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Looks like real wood

The structure of the laminate gives your floor character. BerryAlloc® planks have a deep, wood structure and matt finish which means they cannot be distinguished from real parquet. Thanks to technologies like WoodStructure®, WoodStructure®+ and Endless®, you can feel the grain of the 'wood' and see the natural patterns run through the entire floor endlessly.

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Easy maintenance

A floor that looks just like real wood but that can be cleaned easily with water and soap? That's what a laminate floor offers. A damp cloth or mop and some detergent are all you need to keep your floor looking like new for years.

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Made in Belgium

Our laminate floors have been designed and produced in Belgium for more than 20 years. They are decorative, trendy, easy to install, require little maintenance and, above all, are under lifetime warranty.
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