Variety of Dimensions

Wide Choice

Our extensive collection offers a lot of plank sizing options. You can choose extra long or extra wide planks from the Eternity Long and Glorious, Glorious LuxeGlorious XL collections to give your room a more spacious feel. Or mimic a classic parquet look with our herringbone Chateau collection. Or opt for Narrow planks from Finesse or Glorious Small. Something for everyone.




504 x 84 mm 

Medium & Narrow


1288 x 55 mm



1288 x 190 mm


Ocean - Ocean V4 - Ocean Luxe



Impulse - Impulse V2 - Impulse V4



Smart 7 - Smart 8 - Smart 8 V4


Xtra Long & Narrow 

Glorious Small

2038 x 155 mm

Xtra Long

Eternity Long - Glorious - Glorious Luxe 

2038 x 190 mm

Xtra Long & Wide

Glorious XL

2038 x 241 mm