Water-resistant Laminate

Water-resistant laminate

Splish, splash without worrying

Pioneering hydro+ technology

100% water-resistant floors, fully protected thanks to our pioneering hydro+ technology. Back in 2008, BerryAlloc was the first company to bring this innovation to laminate flooring.

Are you curious to know how this technique works?

Our water-resistant HydroPlus® collections have been additionally treated on the sides with a water repellent coating. This coating gives added security, and as a result no water can penetrate through the bevels. 

Thanks to a specially designed coating, water doesn’t stand a chance. The ideal solution for a wooden floor in your bathroom or kitchen. You’ll never need to worry about wet or dirty feet!

Finish the job of installing your HydroPlus® Laminate in 4 steps with HydroPlus® kit.

Step 1: Filler Twine

Filler Twine allows the floor to expand/shrink. Use this both between the wall and the floor, and under door frames or around pipes. 

Step 2: HydroPlus® Sealant

Use the elastic Sealant Kit on top of the Filler Twine in expansion joints, between the floor and the wall. It prevents the edges of your floor from coming into contact with humidity.

Step 3: HydroPlus® Skirting Strip

Apply the HydroPlus® Skirting Strip to the base of your skirting to protect it from moisture, while still allowing the laminate underneath to expand/shrink.

Step 4: HydroPlus® Glue

Finishing touch. Use the HydroPlus® Glue to fix the skirtings to the wall. BerryAlloc® HydroPlus® Glue is super strong and water resistant.

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