parquet : bring nature into your home


Authentic, design, urban, bohemian … Go wild! Absorb the beauty of parquet wood flooring and bring nature into your home. Selecting parquet means making a statement: for yourself and your carbon footprint. Your eco lifestyle can be your inspiration for a stylish interior!

We believe in life, in every kind of life and every kind of floor that goes with it. Made with love in France, our parquet collection is available in an array of colours to suit any interior and lifestyle. They’re durable, repairable, easy to install and especially easy to clean. Take the step: make parquet a part of your life!

Dance, play, spill, and admire every day. Live your best life, without ever having to worry about your floor.


Rediscover the joy of living in the moment. Feel the connection to nature. Your parquet floor is your base, keeping your current and future emotions grounded. Never too warm, nor too cold. Naturally unique, and distinctly timeless.

It's the real deal. In the mood for a new colour? Sanding it brings a whole new atmosphere into the room. Because at BerryAlloc® we believe that floors are the foundations of moments of joy. Carefree moments of joy.

why choose parquet?