Surface finishes


The choice of finish depends on your personal preference, on the room in which you want to lay the floor and on the intensity of use you have in mind. It protects the floor against stains and stands up to wear and tear. BerryAlloc® offers the following finishing options to meet your needs:

Unfinished parquet

Untreated product, which can be sanded and hand-finished later on. You can find unfinished parquet floors in the Noble and Palace ranges.

Lacquered parquet

Our different lacquers, which have a high content of aluminium oxide, ensure the parquet has extreme wear resistance and easy maintenance.

Soft Touch  

Soft Touch®

A new generation that provides a very silky touch sensation and exceptional surface finish. You can find this matt varnish look in the Emotions range.



Ultimtec® varnish establishes new standards for durability and strength. Thanks to its conclusive formations of molecular nanotechnology, wear and scratch resistance (over 15,000 Taber revolutions) has improved dramatically. Available in 3 finishes: satin, patina or matt can be found in the Ecoforest & Noble & Royal XL ranges.



Applied in 6 coats, this varnish provides a thick enough layer to ensure the protection and easy maintenance of your floor. It offers a beautiful satin or matt look that you can find in the Palace, Ambition and Majestic ranges.

Oiled Parquet


Oiled Finish

The parquet is impregnated with a top quality oil to nourish the material and reinforce the protection.

Natural Oiled  

Natural Oil Finish

The parquet is impregnated with high quality natural oil based on linseed oil for an authentic and natural appearance. See this in the Lodge, Lodge XL, Noble, Ambition and Ecoforest ranges.