childproof, petproof and easy to clean

live carefree

Time spent cleaning and scrubbing is time not spent having fun with your family. That's why we've made our vinyl floors child- and petproof. After all, accidents are bound to happen, especially with children and animals around. Muddy paws, a knocked-over glass or some spilt food, they're no problem at all for our Spirit collection.

durable and easy to maintain

Spirit is designed to last throughout the ages. This includes a resistance to roughhousing, boisterous furry friends or practising dance steps around the room. "Low maintenance" is Spirit's middle name. Its stain- and moisture-resistant coating makes cleaning faster and easier than ever.

By simply using the right products, you extend the life of your vinyl floor even further. A strong PU protector will provide extra protection to your top vinyl layer, while a cleanser keeps your floor impeccable and hygienic at all times. This means that you can clean your floor quickly, without the need to rinse afterwards. It's time to start focusing on the enjoyable part of life!

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