easy to install

an additional layer as a floating vinyl flooring

Spirit's elegant design is reinforced by its thin, yet durable build. This makes it suitable for installation as floating vinyl flooring. Are you dreading the removal of your existing floor while remodelling your home? With Spirit, that worry is long gone. You can simply install it on top if it. This saves you all the trouble, dust and cleaning that comes with breaking up a floor. Whether your current floor is made out of tiles, wood or concrete, Spirit will cover it up without any issues. It's amongst the best choices when it comes to floating vinyl flooring, as even minor differences in height disappear once Spirit vinyl planks or tiles have been installed.


give your home an instant makeover

On top of all the benefits of a floating vinyl flooring, Spirit is incredibly easy to install. This means that you can install your new floor in no time at all, thanks to the convenient click system of our click vinyl planks and tiles. Your floor is your home's centrepiece. It's literally - and figuratively - the foundation of every room in your home. 

Do you want an instant makeover for your home? Go for a new colour, an original new design or a warm, natural touch underneath your feet. Spirit is there to make it all happen.


everything you need right nearby

Whether you are looking for a click floor that almost installs itself or a glue-down floor that keeps everything together perfectly: Our Spirit floors ensure a quick, efficient and dust-free job. A brand-new, attractive interior can be installed overnight.

Spirit easy to install

choose your comfort

Our Spirit line is available in click, click comfort and glue-down versions. The choice is yours. Keep in mind that click comfort always includes an integrated underlay. 

If you've chosen for the Spirit Home 30 Click collection, we recommend that you install a DreamTec underlay before installing the planks.


this is how easy it is to install a Spirit floor

Installing your Spirit floor will give you an instant sense of satisfaction, thanks to the ease of use and speed of installation. The installation of a Spirit floor is broken down in just 4 steps:

  1. Allow the chosen vinyl planks or tiles to adjust to their new environment for 48 hours.
  2. Clean the existing floor and install the appropriate underlay. If you've chosen to use click planks, install a DreamTec underlay. When you've opted for a glue-down installation, you do not require an underlay. Click comfort comes with an integrated underlay, so you can safely skip this step.
  3. Install your new floor. The installation method varries, depending on the locking system (2G or 5G), in case of click vinyl planks or tiles. If you chose to purchase glue-down vinyl planks or tiles, you will have to use glue.
  4. Finish your floor with skirtings and profiles for the best results.
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