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10 Reasons to choose Pure vinyl planks

Wood or vinyl? Having to choose doesn’t necessarily mean having to make concessions. In some situations, you may not even need to choose at all. Like when you opt for PURE vinyl planks, which combine the benefits of both wood and vinyl, for example. 10 Reasons to choose PURE vinyl planks:


1. Fast installation! 

Thanks to the ingenious DreamClick® locking system provided exclusively with products in the PURE collection, your vinyl floor can be laid in no time at all. Identical four-sided locking profiles click effortlessly into place, allowing you to lay a floor of 12m² in only half an hour. And that while the PURE locking profiles can bear up to 500 kg. Start on Saturday morning and enjoy your new floor on Saturday afternoon.

2. No tricks

Are you an impulse buyer? No worries, you can install PURE vinyl planks on top of every floor. Concrete, tiles, wood, or even conventional underlay or a floor that still has some traces of glue: all of these are fine. No preparation necessary: all you need is a Stanley knife to cut the planks to size. Not a minute lost!

3. Lightweight

It’s clear that once a floor has been laid its weight is no longer important, but it makes a tremendous difference while it is being laid. PURE planks are approximately 30% lighter than other click-installation floors. This means less lugging about, no need to wrestle with unwieldy, heavy planks and therefore a lot less sighing. In other words: only good news.

4. Shhh...

50% quieter than other luxury vinyl flooring, which means no more clicking of high heels, or heavy thuds when you drop something: only soft, dampened noises. Your floor is like giving your entire house a layer of soundproof padding. Even your (downstairs) neighbours will enjoy your floor, quietly!


5. Always clean

Thanks to their top coating, all you need to do to keep your PURE vinyl planks clean is occasional mopping. What can be more convenient then a plank floor that remains beautifully clean? Their top coating also protects PURE planks from everyday wear and tear.

6. Cosy and warm

A vinyl floor never feels chilly. And that certainly goes for PURE vinyl planks as well. Not only do they have an attractive wood look, but they are also a perfect match with underfloor heating. The ideal marriage for even more blissfully warm comfort.

7. 100% recyclable

PURE final planks are 100% recyclable. But that’s not all: they are made with respect for people and our planet. This is precisely why they are produced here, in Europe, in accordance with strict European environmental protocols and fully satisfying the very highest standards. And the smaller carbon footprint is also a great bonus.


8. Look at the big picture!

Sometimes, looking at the big picture can offer tremendous benefits. This is why PURE vinyl planks are also available in XXL format. Not only are they faster to install, but these exceptionally large planks exude a sense of spaciousness, instantly making your living room or office look absolutely awe-inspiring. A win-win situation!

9. Also for water lovers!

Thanks to the GlueDown option, PURE vinyl planks are also available in a worry-free, watertight version. Perfect for little as well as big rascals, from children with muddy wellies to rain-soaked dogs and mud-splattered cyclo-cross riders. Tailored to real life.  

10. Mix and match!

You don't have to go for a classic plank design. Instead, you can opt for a stylish herringbone pattern, combine various wood tones for a unique floor or create a transition from PURE vinyl planks to vinyl tiles. We have an infinite number of styles to choose from


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