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mix and match materials for even more cosiness

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, you can either decide to turn a blind eye or call in help. Loes and Kim chose to do the latter. Stylists Ozanne and Guillemine brought salvation in the form of a conversation pit.


If you have spent years and years renovating, have personally chipped at every stone and held every roof tile in your own hands, you could very well reach a point where you give up hope. Fortunately, Loes and Kim weren’t faced with this feeling all too often. At the beginning of their large-scale renovation project they moved into a temporary house in the garden so they could be as close to their work site as possible. Which was a good idea, considering that the couple did everything by themselves. It was only when Loes and Kim realised that the brunt of the work had been completed that they decided to call in some help. After all, once the foundations have been laid, then come the details – and these are at least as important. Time to call upon professionals with expert knowledge, who you can trust enough to give carte blanche to. A perfect job for stylists Ozanne and Guillemine. 

With a little help…

Stylists Ozanne and Guillemine saw, came – and did their own thing. Their challenge? To create a diversity of atmospheres in the open space, and to allow Loes and Kim’s tastes to stylishly mesh. Or to add a soft, feminine touch to the rugged industrial look that Kim is so crazy about. This approach could effortlessly be applied thanks to the conversation pit—a relic from the 1970s, but still a hit for lovers of cosy spaces. The dynamic duo transformed the pit into a homey, warm nest: a pleasant contrast to the stark lines that characterise the rest of the house. A place to hang out with the entire family and enjoy each other’s company. 


The conversation pit steals the show

The rest of the single-storey home may have a stark concrete floor, but the Impulse V4 Charme Black flooring steals the show in the pit. This dark laminate floor with a wood print accentuates the warm character of the pit and, in doing so, makes a clear statement. Here, it’s all about warmth. And it is exactly this mix of materials (concrete vs. wood) that makes this part of the house so interesting. The use of warm earth tones throughout the pit and a big pile of soft, downy cushions and throw blankets completes the look. And so Ozanne and Guillemine liberated the conversation pit from its rather old-fashioned image. Conclusion: a rugged, robust interior is not complete without a warm, cosy corner – which can effortlessly be created with a BerryAlloc floor. 


Here’s how to furnish your very own pit:

  • Conversation pits are available in numerous genres and styles, and they can be tailored entirely to your wishes. From ultra-stark modernist to snug and comfy. No matter what style you choose, your pit is guaranteed to catch people's eyes.
  • If you want a super-cosy pit, go for warm materials, laminate flooring with a wood print and velvet, dark colours and piles and piles of cushion. A (gas) fireplace is the icing on the cake. 
  • Your pit can either reflect the style of your house or form a contrast. Think about the look you want to go for, and choose colours and materials that complement your chosen look.
  • Modular seating elements will allow you to shift seats around like a puzzle to accommodate your company. 

 'Een frisse start met vtwonen' - © Jonah Samyn photography vtwonen 

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