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Creating a peaceful sleep environment in 4 steps

What should be the most relaxing area in your home? Your bedroom. It’s the ideal place to unwind with a book or a movie, as well as catch some z’s. Time to transform your personal happy place into an oasis of tranquillity! Find out how with 4 easy tips.
BerryAlloc Spirit French Light Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks and tiles - Spirit - French Light

Step 1: The comfort of a well-chosen floor

Does your creaking hardwood floor keep you awake at night? You’re in luck, we have just the solution for you! Our Spirit vinyl planks come with an acoustic underlay that dampens noise: just what you need for a relaxing bedroom. On top of a timeless allure, a light wood tone also enhances the quality of your slumber, as opposed to strong, harsh colours. Good riddance, bright colours, hello beige!

Blogger Fee Maison replaced her old floor with a BerryAlloc floor and tested our Spirit range in her bedroom: “The floor makes all the difference. It creates an entirely new, warm look. What’s more, it really feels like wood when you walk on it. Something I really love about it, is that it is blissfully quiet. Nothing like the creaking hardwood floor I used to have.”

Vinyl planks and tiles - Spirit - French Light

Step 2: Let there be light

One essential element to a cosy bedroom ambience is good lighting. Our tip? Choose a combination of different light sources, to create a different mood in your room at any moment.

  • Basic, bright lighting. Use this light mainly for practical things, such as cleaning your room. This bright light is also hugely effective when rifling through your wardrobe. Wardrobe fails will forever be a thing of the past, as you now have the opportunity to properly check out your outfit of the day before going out and about. ;)  
  • Softer light Twinkly fairy lights, lanterns, a floor lamp... These are all very useful in the evening when all you want to do is cosy up and watch Netflix or read a book before bedtime. 
  • Dim night lights. With just enough light to find your bed. ;)

PS: Did you know that our Spirit vinyl planks have a stain and scratch-resistant coating? Just switch on your bright overhead light, mop the floor and you’re done! 


Step 3: Bed linen to snuggle up in

Make a smart choice when it comes to bed linen and accessories. Limit your accessories to a few eye-catchers to create a calm space and invest in good bed linen instead. Your bed is the biggest eye-catcher in the room, so why not pull out all the stops with some gorgeous linen? Start with the colours of your floor and opt for several layers over your sheets: a cosy bedspread and some cushions will work wonders. 

Step 4: Keep it simple

You’ll need to mix and match different shades to transform your bedroom into a peaceful safe spaces. Did you opt for Spirit vinyl planks with a natural wood look? Then stick to this colour palette for the rest of the room. Pull the look together with a wooden bedframe or other wooden elements. Blogger Fee Maison went with natural rattan accessories, wooden bedside tables and even some pampas grass to accentuate the floor’s lovely wood hues. Keep it simple: the fewer distractions, the better. 

Vinyl planks and tiles - Spirit - French Light

Good night, sleep tight! 
Ready for a whole new bedroom look? Check out our Spirit collection!

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