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Flooring 101

small, fine and white!

There is no such thing as perfection. So, the chances are slim that your new apartment is exactly how you want it. Perhaps it has one of those ugly, white tile floors. Don’t let that keep you back, because with a new and affordable laminate floor you can resolve that in no time at all—and without any hassle or financial strain.
Small fine white

After all, a cold, white tile floor isn’t the most inviting floor to play on with your children, if that was what you were planning to do in your new home.

No worries! An issue like this can be resolved in no time at all.

With easy-click laminate you can create precisely the floor of your entire family’s dreams. What's more, you don't have to remove the previous floor, but just add another layer on top. So the floor can be clicked in place all by yourself, without any hassle and at record pace: all of which saves you money!

Small fine white

White as well as warm

If your new apartment is rather small, opt for white click laminate and combine it with soft hues of colour, as this will immediately make the space look bigger. White can also look surprisingly warm, particularly if you choose Impulse V4 B&W White laminate.

This white laminate has a warm wood print and a wood texture, with a wood grain and four grooves to heighten the effect of genuine wood. In short, it not only looks like a genuine wood floor, but also feels like the real thing to your feet. So, this is how you transform a bare apartment into a cosy home!

Small fine white

This is how to style a white floor:

1. White does not have to be too cold or clinical. Match white wood print click laminate with soft hues of colour to create a warm feeling.

Small fine white


2. Go for a mix of materials. Rugged, white wood and materials that are soft to touch will give your interior a lived-in look.



3. Limited space? Opt for multi-purpose furniture, like a wooden bench that is used in the play corner, but can also be deployed as a side table or an extra seat when necessary.

VT Wonen

'Een frisse start met vtwonen' - Jonah Samyn photography

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