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meet Spirit, our take on modern vinyl flooring

The times where vinyl floors were seen as old fashioned are long gone. Vinyl floors are incredibly versatile, which is why people have been falling for them all over again. Our new Spirit line is there to provide your home with a modern vinyl flooring.

Country Brown

Vinyl Planks - Spirit Pro 55 Click Planks - Country Brown

Modern vinyl flooring doesn't have to be cold

To some, a modern interior equals a neutral, maybe even cold interior with tight lines. But that doesn't have to be the case. It's your home, so you are free to do whatever you want. Spirit gives you that freedom, as it comes in both planks and tiles. The Spirit tiles come in 16 different colours, while the planks have 36 variants, so don't worry; Spirit has a modern vinyl floor for everyone.


Vinyl Planks - Spirit XL GlueDown 55 Planks - Yosemite

Spirit's versatility makes it the pinnacle of modern vinyl flooring

1. It looks just like real wood or stone 

Our Spirit line blends natural colours with real wood textures to make every detail come to life. This makes it almost impossible to distinguish a Spirit floor from a real wood floor, as every grain can be felt as you touch it. This results in an authentic, natural look alongside all the benefits of a modern vinyl flooring.

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2. Low maintenance in every way possible 

Cats, children or clumsiness. These three Cs are no match for Spirit. Minor accidents are bound to happen in your daily life, but that doesn't mean that this has to be accompanied by a lot of cleaning. A modern vinyl floor such as Spirit features a stain- and moisture-resistant coating, which makes cleaning a breeze. This ensures that you are able to free up more of your precious time for some well-earned leisure. 

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Moodboard Just like real wood

3. Stability is ensured wherever it is installed 

When you install a new floor, you want it to be a floor you can count on. We've developed a specific aftercare process for our Spirit line that ensures stability at all times. Heavy fluctuations in temperature will have no impact on your floors stability. These traits make Spirit perfectly suited for use alongside floor heating! Like any other modern vinyl flooring, Spirit can be installed as click lock or glue down vinyl, which means it can perfectly cater to your needs.

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4. Reduced noise due to its inherent acoustic dampening

After a long, hard day at work, you just want some peace and quiet. That's exactly what Spirit offers you. Every plank and tile is fitted with an innovative, integrated underlay with acoustic damping properties, which reduces the noise of footsteps by up to 20 decibels!

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Moodboard Soundproof

5. Being waterproof makes it suitable for damp environments 

On top of being easy to maintain, Spirit is 100% waterproof which makes it a great choice for your bathroom. It's also possible to use Spirit as a modern vinyl flooring for your cellar, as the humidity won't affect it at all. Spirit will maintain its shape and stay in place, no matter how damp or wet it gets!

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6. Produced without phthalates, because the environment matters to us 

During the production of vinyl floors, it is quite common to use a chemical compound known as phthalates. However, in order to make Spirit a true modern vinyl flooring solution, we've decided to omit the usage of this chemical in its production. Not because we have to, but because we think the environment is important.

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Moodboard Phtalate free

7. On top of it all, it's easy to install 

We spared no expense when it came to the ease of use of Spirit. If you wish to save yourself a lot of work, dust and time, it can be installed as a floating vinyl floor. This means you won't have to break up your existing floor and it can completely overhaul your interior in a single night. Our 2G/5G lock system or FastTec self-adhesive underlay make the installation as painless as possible.

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Spirit - Make room for the good life


Are you curious about how we've managed to create such a high-performance product?

Our R&D department has documented their arduous journey for your enjoyment. Have a look at the unexpected manner in which this modern vinyl flooring was conceived! Do you want to see all the different options we have available? Then browse our catalogue here.

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