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trend: concrete floors

Are you a fan of the industrial look, but concrete isn’t really your thing? Good news, there are alternatives galore! There is no need to order a cement mixer to get the look of a cast floor. Giving your house a new look has never been so easy!

Industrial look

Vinyl Planks - PURE Click 55 - Disa 979M

Less is more. Everyone knows that. Perhaps this craving for decluttering explains the success of the popular industrial look. It has its origins in New York, where dilapidated factory buildings were converted into lofts: bright, spacious and with a sharp, industrial edge. No superfluous nooks or ornaments, just the pure essence. Sweeping statements rather than frills, minimalism but without an obsession for perfection. A robust space that can genuinely be lived in. In a nutshell: a house where you can find the peace you need after a hard day’s work. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Industrial look

High-Tech Laminate - Grand Avenue - Atlantic Highway

Do it yourself!

It was only logical that the industrial trend would soon cross the pond and become a hit here as well! Fortunately, there is no longer any need to live in an old warehouse to create the same feeling. Even a newly constructed building can effortlessly breathe the same atmosphere. The principle is simple. There’s no reason to hire an interior decorating specialist: all you need to do is choose a simple colour scheme and rough, rugged materials which you can complement with smoother elements. Black and white with a few shades of grey, a brick wall, some steel and – of course – a smooth concrete or cast floor. The floor provides the foundation – figuratively and literally – for your style.

The look of concrete, the convenience of laminate

Unfortunately, there are lots of disadvantages to a concrete floor, ranging from cracks and fissures to unevenness and stains. Concrete is rugged yet sensitive – and takes ages to dry! Also, it is primarily used in vast industrial spaces. Private residences are a nice extra, but in no way the core business of a concrete plant or finisher. And this has its consequences. Still, there’s no need to panic. BerryAlloc offers plenty of alternatives. The look of concrete with the convenience of laminate or vinyl planks – and a lot easier on your wallet. Specially developed for both newly built houses and renovated buildings, installed in no time at all and without any of the disadvantages associated with concrete. 

  1. Choose a floor with rugged details and so promote it to a main feature. 
  2. A pure concrete floor is like a blank canvas on which you can unleash your creativity.
  3. An industrial yet timeless look? Choose wide concrete tiles to make your space look bigger.
Industrial look

Laminate - Ocean V4 - Stone Dark Grey

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