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water resistant floors for your bathroom in laminate

More peace of mind and warmer feet

Secretly, we all dream of a warm wooden floor in our bathroom. If only to avoid cold feet. And preferably without water stains or water stress. Time for laminate! Laminate is splash-proof, equipped with a water-repellent coating and feels nice and warm.

Laminate - Eternity- Canyon Natural

A layer of laminate is all you need

Enjoy the steaming shower or blissfully warm bath and shiver immediately as soon as you put one toe on the cold tiled floor. Huge anticlimax. A cold shower that spoils every bit of wellness feeling so that you don't feel like doing the same in the next few days.
And it’s actually not necessary at all. After all, you can easily cover that cold tiled floor with a warm layer of laminate.
So a plank floor, but one you don’t have to worry about. Because if you opt for laminate planks, you know that those planks have a final layer that has been treated, making your floor splash-proof. So no seepage and certainly no unattractive water stains. Giving you some peace of mind.

Laminate - Eternity - Canyon Natural

Wooden floor: an upgrade for every bathroom

Thanks to that plank floor, a cool, sleek bathroom is softened a bit and immediately looks a lot warmer. For a rustic bathroom, this plank floor is the perfect finishing touch. Suitable for every bathroom look and with a warm-feet guarantee.

It makes life just that little bit easier. No more panic when the kids are playing splashing around in the bathtub with their toys, no more stress when the dog shakes itself dry after its shampooing session. Or warmer feet, a lot less worry and a much nicer bathroom. Win win win!
Our laminate floors are protected with Hydroplus, a water-repellent coating. With the Ocean, Ocean V4, Ocean Luxe, Eternity and Eternity Long, we have beautiful collections in our product range.
No more shivering, even people sensitive to cold will happily hop in and out of the shower or bath from now on. Anyone who keeps running in place at the sink to stay warm does not have to suffer anymore.

Laminate - Eternity - Canyon Light

Dream of new laminate flooring in your bathroom

Are you ready for a warm plank floor, but are you looking for some extra inspiration? You can find tons of it on the Pinterest profile of BerryAlloc. Visit our bathroom page on Pinterest and start scrolling! Be sure to take a look at our bathroom gallery too.

Laminate - Ocean - Retro Chic Blue Grey

Prefer a retro look?

Do you like the warm feeling of a wooden floor under your feet and do you love all things retro? Our Stone and Retro Chic are laminate planks that look like retro tiles. Not only is it more pleasant than real ceramic tiles, laminate is also cheaper. Moreover, you don’t slide as quickly, it is easy to install and maintain.
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Laminate - Ocean - Retro Chic Blue Grey

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