Two different floor coverings to do two different jobs

Direct pressure laminate (DPL) is made by pressing together four different layers of material: a protective layer, a decorative layer, an inner layer and a base layer, to create a solid section of laminate flooring. It is designed to mimic the splendour of a traditional parquet floor, whilst being hardwearing, easy to fit and easy to clean - a simple way to totally transform the appearance of your home.

DPL is available in a huge range of wood and stone effect finishes, which are designed to have a natural lifelike appearance and to complement your chosen colour scheme. Some ranges are even available with a unique water-repellent coating, which means that there is a DPL laminate floor perfect for every room in the house, including kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas. For many people, direct pressure laminate is a better choice than a traditional timber, tiled or carpeted floor.

Unlike direct pressure laminate, where all the layers are pressed together at the same time, high pressure laminate (HPL) is pressed in multiple stages and the layers are ‘fused’ together using heat and a resin coated sheet, often with thicker base and wear layers.

HPL is the preferred choice in a commercial setting, office or restaurant etc., where a stunning look needs to be combined with a more rigid structure and a ‘bulletproof’ surface. However, it can also provide an attractive alternative to DPL in those areas around the home that receive a high footfall and are more susceptible to scratching and staining.

The tough big brother to DPL, HPL is more impact-resistant, more heat-resistant, more water and stain-resistant. It also offers better sound insulation, particularly if fitted on upstairs floors.

HPL is the ultimate luxury laminate floor; beautiful to look at, strong, stable and resilient.