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easy do-it-yourself installation with BerryAlloc®

With DuoLoc, 5G and Chateau Loc, BerryAlloc® laminate flooring makes DIY’ers out of everyone and ensures damage-free installation.


Do-it-yourself has never been this simple. Let yourself be guided through the installation instructions and you will be promoted to a BerryAlloc® floor installer in a jiffy!

  • Quick and easy installation
  • 2 different ways to install: with or without tools
  • Lifelong warranty

If you require more information during installation, don’t hesitate to read our installation instructions.

method 1: without DuoLoc tapping block

When you start to install the second row, begin by clicking the short sides of the planks first. Make sure the planks are perfectly aligned. Next, lift the new planks to an angle of +/-25° and lock the long side in the previous row. It’s as easy as can be. 

method 2: With tapping block/installation iron and hammer

Perfect when you are tight on space, for example when you are close to a wall.  
Lock the short sides together using our DuoLoc tapping block. Give it a small push with the hammer and the planks will click into place without any damage.


Thanks to the 5G locking system, the installation of even long boards has become child’s play.

  • Super fast
  • No extra tools needed
  • Lifelong Warranty

When installing the second row of planks, you can click the long sides of the planks against the previous one. Drop the short side of the plank into the previous one. With the help of a small push and some gravity, the planks click immediately. 
Simple. Strong.

If you require more information during installation, don’t hesitate to read our installation instructions.