Looks Like Real Wood

Just like real wood

The structure of the laminate gives your floor character. BerryAlloc® planks have a deep, wooden structure and matt finish which means they cannot be distinguished from real parquet. Thanks to technologies like WoodStructure®, WoodStructure®+ and Endless®, you can feel the grain of the 'wood' and see the natural patterns run through the entire floor endlessly.


This relief, which perfectly reproduces that of solid parquet, has been the subject of intensive research to ensure unequalled resistance to wear and the same ease of maintenance as a classic laminate.


This system goes even further than WoodStructure® and provides every plank with a relief that displays the wood grain to the smallest detail. The result is a true-to-life reproduction of wood.


The wood patterns on the boards connect endlessly from plank to plank, creating the impression of the design flowing smoothly and uninterruptedly along the entire length of a row - looking like one very, very, VERY long plank.


The laminate planks have a matt finish that is just as hard-wearing as the best varnish. The floor looks just as luxurious as oiled parquet.