easy maintenance

how do I maintain laminate?

BerryAlloc® laminate floors are extremely easy to clean. In very little time and with a minimum of effort you can enjoy your floor for years to come. Always beautiful and always in perfect condition!

These instructions apply to all BerryAlloc® Laminate collections, including the water-resistant collections Ocean and Eternity.

dry cleaning methods

For daily cleaning, we recommend that you use a soft brush, vacuum cleaner or dry dust mop. Microfibre mops are ideal.

wet cleaning methods

When cleaning with water, a well wrung-out cloth and lukewarm water are recommended.
Avoid using too much water.

pro tip: the BerryAlloc laminate cleaner has been specially developed to clean your BerryAlloc® floor. It leaves a fresh scent and dries without smears or spots. Do you want to discover more about how to best maintain your floor? Have a look at our care and maintenance instructions