Looking for a 100% water-resistant floor?

A laminate floor is unable to absorb any liquid on its surface, making it thoroughly splash resistant. But what if you’re looking for something more resilient for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or entry hallway? 

That’s where our innovative hydro+ technology comes into play. This water-repellent coating further protects your floor around the edges of each plank. As a result, you’ll have a 100% water-resistant floor, able to withstand all kinds of liquids.

BerryAlloc Laminate Floors - Jazz Light Grey
BerryAlloc Laminate Floors - Jazz Light Grey

Splash resistant

If you’re planning to install your floor in a room that doesn’t come across a lot of liquids, this is your perfect choice.

Looking for a splash-resistant floor? Check out our Connect or Trendline collections.

100% water resistant

This is the ideal flooring solution for rooms where you’re more likely to encounter liquids and spills. Our hydro+ technology will guarantee a 100% water-resistant floor.

Looking for a water-resistant floor? Check out our Ocean+, Chateau+ or Smartline 8 hydro+ collection.

Discover our pioneering hydro+ technology

Back in 2008, BerryAlloc was the first company to introduce water-resistant laminate to the market with its innovative hydro+ technology. This unique formulation has indisputably proven its durability, quality, and value for money after years of exposure to daily situations.

How does it work? A hydrophobic coating is applied to all sides of the plank, effectively repelling water when it comes into contact with the joints. Applied during manufacturing, our Ocean+ , Chateau+ and Smartline 8 hydro+ collections are completely water resistant when leaving the production line.

Curious to see it in action? Watch the video!

Remember to use your hydro+ accessories when installing your laminate floor for a fully water-resistant finish!

BerryAlloc Laminate Floors - Gyant Warm Natural
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