Need a floor for a room where you’re more likely to encounter water?


Enjoy a 100% water-resistant Ocean+ laminate floor throughout your home thanks to our pioneering hydro+ technology.


This option is available for all 50 premium designs in standard plank size, but also for a selection of planks with integrated underlay, XL planks, or thicker 12-mm floors.

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Why choose an Ocean+ floor?

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why choose ocean+?

100% water-resistant

This is the ideal flooring solution for rooms where you’re more likely to encounter liquids and spills. Our hydro+ technology will guarantee a 100% water-resistant floor.

scratch resistant

Our laminate floors are highly scratch resistant thanks to our premium quality materials.

natural wood design

Lose yourself in the details of our wonderfully matt and lifelike wood decors – they’re practically indistinguishable from real parquet.

lifetime warranty

Live your best life on these premium quality floors – after all, they’re designed to last a lifetime.

mix & match

A select amount of the same colours are available in different plank sizes, so that you can mix and match floors in different rooms for a unique, yet uniform look.

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