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Kaolin - Parquet


A medium light shaded pink Beige-brown from the Beige family with hints of grey, teal, putty, hazelnut and ochre.

Spirit: Reassuring Discreet Muted Understated.

Albatre - Parquet


A very light pinkish white-beige from the White family. Notes of wheat, mother-of-pearl, turtle-dove grey and straw.

Spirit: Understated Silky Refined Harmonious.

Argil - Parquet


A medium pinkish Grey-brown from the Grey family with hints of hazelnut, peach, beige and limewood.

Spirit: Rich Sensual Soft.

Silex - Parquet


A dark carmine Grey red-brown from the Grey family with hints of carmine, march brown, plum and blackcurrant.

Spirit: Revised classic Highly colourful.

Sepia - Parquet


A deep ochre Black-bordeaux ocré from the Black family with hints of orange, plum and amaranth.

Spirit: Timeless Profound Wise Rich Luminous.

Terracotta - Parquet


An intense red Brown-ochre from the Brown family with hints of auburn red, ochre, Turkey red and hazelnut.

Spirit: Intense Polychrome Rich.

Ambre - Parquet


An intense orange Ochre-brown from the Ochre family with hints of honey, amber, cashew, havana and oxide.

Spirit: Vital Classic Unchangeable Universal.

Silk - Parquet


A light whitened Beige-straw from the Beige family with hints of ochre, orange and vanilla.

Spirit: Understated Harmonious Soft.

Nude - Parquet


A very light orange White-beige from the White family with hints of blond mother-of-pearl, linen and hazelnut.

Spirit: Luminous Understated Reassuring Neutral.

Nature - Parquet


A bright amber Ochre-yellow from the Ochre family with hints of amber, turmeric and honey.

Spirit: Authentic Eternal Reassuring Nature Understated.

All our shades are available in these 4 plank formats: