fast & simple installation

Install without tools or glue

Best Loc X-treme

Best Loc® X-Treme

Installation is even easier, simpler and faster (up to 30% faster compared to Best Loc®). The planks are installed one after another, by simply folding them into place. No tools or glue needed.

Best Loc

Best Loc®

Angle-angle installation method: The quality of its profile and the angular locking (length/width) makes it easy to lay without tools, glue or hammer).

Our installation systems are remarkably strong, and so durable that Best Loc® and Best Loc® X-Treme come with a lifetime guarantee.

Traditional installation

Tongue groove

Tongue & Groove: The boards are made with a part called the 'groove' and a part called the 'tongue' which are held together with a vinyl adhesive.