Wood & Sustainable Development

Great at home, great for the planet

The floor is yours, and that of future generations. Choosing BerryAlloc parquet with a PEFC label is your design statement.  (PEFC/07-31-229, PEFC/03-31-89, PEFC/10-31-1047)

Installing a French parquet floor means growing sustainable forests

Remember photosynthesis? Cultivating a PEFC forest like a garden heightens CO2 absorption. By cutting down, maintaining, and replanting trees, the forest remains healthy and sustainable.
Installing a French parquet floor means choosing a short supply chain

Our wood is locally sourced in fully regulated forests. 
Installing a French parquet floor means maintaining an excellent carbon footprint

Yes, that’s right! Short supply chains, bio-sourced materials, renewable resources, and CO2 storage during growth and after cutting: French parquet is a true long-term investment.

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