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Choosing nature

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choosing nature

BerryAlloc® has always focused on sustainable development. With wood floors, the choice of a natural material seems obvious. Wood reinvents the floors, improves them, while providing heat and comfort in the home. The wood that BerryAlloc® selects for its wood floors is solid. However, it also answers the requirements of a company concerned about the environment. A concern for the planet’s well-being as well as yours.

original wood floors

Choosing BerryAlloc® wood floors will satisfy lovers of nature, aesthetes and those who favour solidity for their floor too. Each request can be fulfilled. Added to this is the guarantee of a personalised wood floor thanks to unique planks. With BerryAlloc®, the word sustainable is also applied to the lifetime of your wood floor, since it is made to last. Quality wood has more than one life, once used it just needs to be sanded to see its beauty revealed once more. It is the secret of a cosy home that always looks impeccable.

mindful of the environment

Deeply conscious of environmental challenges, BerryAlloc® respects legal requirements, adhering to strict specifications in terms of sustainable development.

forests are respected

Choosing a BerryAlloc®is also making a responsible choice, for a company that cares about its product, and is as attentive to the environment as to your lifestyle. For BerryAlloc®, species selection is crucial: the woods come exclusively from sustainably managed forests. This management involves traceability and rigorous monitoring at every stage of production and marketing (PEFC Certification).

looking good in your home and good for the planet

The floor is all yours and your children’s future is secure. By choosing French parquet flooring with the PEFC label, you take a stand with your decorative choices. Read more about this here.

Respectueux du bois, sans solvants ni réactif chimique, le vernis Ultimtec® est obtenu par imprégnation d’un primaire de fond riche en oxyde d’aluminium puis par la pose de plusieurs finitions acryliques UV. Les teintes sont à base d’eau. Les résultats d’émissions sont largement sous les normes Européene et les parquet bénéficient du label A+ au niveau des émissions de l’air intérieur.
La transparence du bois est intacte, sa profondeur et les nuances de ses teintes préservées. La résistance et  le nettoyage facile sont également au rendez-vous.