Ultimtec: innovation in your everyday life

Discover Ultimtec: an innovative varnish to protect your parquet floor

Imagine the delicate, natural beauty of an oiled parquet floor with the ease of maintenance of a varnished parquet floor: easy to clean and long-lasting. Ultimtec, BerryAlloc’s innovative varnish offers just that. Ultra wear-resistant, extra matt, water-based, and with no solvents or chemical reagents. 

Breathe, admire, and dance, on your new parquet floor. Our new varnish adds a resistance layer and facilitates cleaning. The wood retains its transparency, and the intense matt finish looks completely natural. You’ll have all the perks of an oiled parquet floor, without the maintenance hassle. More time to enjoy life!

Only available for our Les Essentiels and Les Exclusifs collections. 

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