strong wood floors

Beautiful oak wood veneer floors for maximum strength

strong wood floors: feel the true power of nature

BerryAlloc’s strong wood floors are built up from nature using modern and sustainable technologies, resulting in an eco-friendly product of exceptional beauty and quality. These strong wood floors combine the best of both worlds: the beauty and warmth of a real wood surface with the ease and durability of a floor that’s stronger than parquet, just as beautiful and made to last. 

Created with great respect to the environment, and made from real wood from responsibly managed forests, these strong wood floors find their extraordinary strength through tried-and-true BerryAlloc innovations such as Ultimtec – a solvent-free, ultra-resistant and extra-matt varnish; and AluLoc Prime, the strongest locking system that’s extra-easy to install. 

Let our strong wood floors bring you a step closer to nature and allow the subtle elegance of the wood to create a positive and uplifting mood to any interior. 


why choose strong wood floors?

real oak surface, the look of a premium parquet and design plank formats

Strong wood floors are created with nature in mind. The natural wood planks are preserved and embellished with an extra-matt varnish to respect the look and feel of real oak. With a substantial history in making floors, our expertise and knowledge is paramount in selecting rare grade oak in extraordinary lengths. 

durable, resistant, and reasy to live

Get to know Ultimtec: an innovative, extra-matt varnish without solvents or chemical reagents made to protect your veneer floor. The beauty of oiled parquet meets easy maintenance and added resistance. 

an environmentally conscious floor

Made from real oak, our strong wood floors are created with the conscious and careful management of premium quality materials. 10x more surface area compared to parquet for the same use. Every single plank comes is sourced from responsibly managed forestry with the goal to keep resources in perfect balance. These floors are our promise of a more sustainable hardwood floor – a floor that’s made to last.