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Beautiful oak wood veneer floors for maximum strength

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why choose strong wood floors?

natural elegance

Strong wood floors are created with nature in mind. The natural wood planks are preserved and embellished with an extra-matt varnish to respect the look and feel of real oak. With a substantial history in making hardwood flooring, our expertise and knowledge is paramount in selecting rare grade oak in extraordinary lengths. 

easy maintenance for your everyday life

Get to know Ultimtec: an innovative, extra-matt varnish without solvents or chemical reagents made to protect your veneer floor. The beauty of oiled parquet meets easy maintenance and added resistance. 

an environmentally conscious floor

Made from real oak, our strong wood floors are created with the conscious and careful management of premium quality materials. Every single plank comes is sourced from responsibly managed forestry with the goal to keep resources in perfect balance. These floors are our promise of a more sustainable hardwood floor – a floor that’s made to last.  

the strongest lock

One of a kind: our unique and patented aluminium locking system adds extra strength to our strong wood floors. Find out how it works. 

made in Norway

Our strong wood floors are made in Norway, with a strong collaboration between our French and Norwegian colleagues. The wood veneer is sourced from the forests around our Meaulne plant in France and treated with our Ultimtec varnish, before being sent to Lyngdal to turn into our strong wood floors.

integrated pad

All-in-one for a smooth and simple installation: with an attached pad connected to the floorboard, you won’t have to worry about choosing and installing a separate underlay. Plus, this integrated underlay is sound-absorbing, reducing noise by more than 19 decibels. 

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