Let nature inside your soul

Parwood: let nature inside your soul

Created with great respect to the environment, and made with real wood from responsibly managed forests, these veneer floors find their extraordinary strength through tried-and-true BerryAlloc innovations such as Ultimtec – a solvent-free, ultra-resistant and extra-matt varnish; and a locking system that’s extra-easy to install. The high impact resistance linked to the high density fiberboard core and the high abrasion resistance of the Ultimtec lacquer confers a very high strength to the floor.
Let our strong wood floors bring you a step closer to nature and allow the subtle elegance of the wood to create a positive and uplifting mood to any interior. 

Parqwood XL: 185 x 1190 x 10 mm (0,6mm real oak)
Parqwood XXL Long: 210 x 2200 x10 mm (0,6mm real oak)

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why choose Parqwood floors?

Strong structure: An easy and quick installation

Best Loc® X-Treme Installation is even easier, simpler, and faster (up to 30% faster compared to Best Loc). The planks are installed one after another, by simply folding them into place. No tools or glue needed. 

made in France

Our Strong Wood Floors are made in France, a symbol for know-how, sustainability and traceability.

Easy beauty

The Ultimtec solvent-free varnish offers an exceptionally matt finish that's especially resistant to scratches and wear&tear. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, our strong wood floors are not only naturally beautiful, but long-lasting too.

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