General information

What is HDF?

High Density Fibreboard (HDF) provides better plank stability and allows the profiles to be manufactured precisely for a perfect fit. HDF is a technical product whose density is twice as high as that of softwood. It is therefore resistant to wear and tear and is compatible with underfloor heating.


Can I install laminate myself?

Yes you can, we have extended installation instructions that allow you to lay your floor quickly and easily.
We offer different types of underlays (when needed), suitable for your specific needs, and a wide range of accessories for a perfect finish.


Which installation direction do you recommend?

We recommend installing your laminate with the short side facing towards the main source of light and crosswise in the direction of movement.
The combination of both is often not possible, in that case you can choose according to your own taste.
If you have a wooden subfloor, it is advisable to lay the laminate in the opposite plank direction of the subfloor.


Can I install laminate in the bathroom?

Yes, we have a range of water-resistant laminate collections available. These are treated with our innovative hydro+ technology, a hydrophobic coating that prevents water from seeping through the joints. This makes it ideal for bathrooms. However, please keep in mind that a membrane is required in Scandinavia.

Follow the installation instructions included in the packaging, and finalise the installation using our hydro+ accessories. Laminate should not be installed in saunas.


Can I install laminate in the kitchen?

Yes, laminate can be installed in the kitchen, but as a floating floor: not under kitchen furniture. It should be able to move.
Choose a laminate with a class 23/32 or higher and follow the installation instructions.
Remove spillages immediately.


What is the maximum area I can cover without requiring expansion profiles in a room?

Laminate (DPL) and High Pressure Floors (HPF) have different expansion values.
For Laminate the maximum length without expansion profiles is 10 m. The expansion gap should be 8-10 mm.
For High Pressure Floors, the maximum length is 15 m and the expansion gap should be 4-6 mm.

For all laminates: in doorways, room transitions and if floors connect asymmetrically you always need to install expansion profiles.
Laminate floors are to be installed as floating floors so you should always leave an expansion to walls and any other fixed constructions so that the flooring can move.


Can laminate be installed on top of underfloor heating/cooling?

Yes, it can be installed with underfloor heating and/or cooling. We offer a manual with detailed instructions for every type of underfloor heating, and what you should do before, during and after the installation.
We recommend discussing your plans and the requirements with the installer of the underfloor heating as well. Click here for detailed info.


How do I clean my laminate?

Dry cleaning methods: with a dry dust mop, soft brush or vacuum cleaner
Wet cleaning methods: with well wrung out, slightly damp cloth or mop (good quality microfiber products are recommended)
Our BerryAlloc® laminate cleaner will give you a perfect cleaning result without any streaks.

Read our care & maintenance documents in the support section.


My laminate looks greasy and I see footsteps in the floor, what is wrong?

Using the right laminate cleaner is very important, a bad/organic cleaner can leave a greasy film on the floor that makes all footsteps visible.
Our laminate cleaner is specially developed to keep your laminate floor in perfect condition and make it look impeccably clean.


Can I use a castor chair on my laminate?

We recommend using an office chair floor protector.


Can I use a steam cleaner to clean my laminate?

We do not recommend steam cleaners to clean your laminate.
However, for high pressure floors, certain types of steam cleaners are allowed, contact us for more detailed information.


Is your floor suitable for pets?

Yes, all our laminates are pet-proof. But if your new puppy has a little ‘accident’, make sure that it is cleaned up straight away.