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We spend most of our time indoors, yet the air we breathe in our homes is sometimes more polluted than the air outside. This pollution is due to volatile organic chemical compounds (VOCs).

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic chemical compounds are a type of chemicals that are commonly present in products used in and around our homes and tend to vaporise into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, some chemicals in VOCs may have short and long-term adverse health effects, and are especially sensitive for individuals suffering from allergies, asthma, or experiencing thyroid issues. It is our goal to reduce the amount of VOCs in our products as much as possible.  

VOCs can be found in all sorts of products used to build and maintain your home or commercial space: from cleaning supplies to air fresheners, to paint and varnishes, and yes, even your floors.

At BerryAlloc, we realise that VOC concentrations are consistently higher indoors, even though they are present everywhere you go. As your well-being is our highest priority, we avoid using materials that could cause any harm. We measure and verify the level of VOCs in our products through an externally accredited lab and comply with some of the strictest VOC regulations across several countries (requirements can differ depending on the focus of a particular regulation). 

Relax, it’s BerryAlloc

We want you to stay happy and healthy. And we do not take this commitment lightly. The best way for us to ensure this, is to deliver products that do not contain suspicious nor potentially harmful substances. All the materials in our products are REACH compliant, an EU regulation that protects human and environmental health from the risks associated with chemicals. 

To further attest our dedication to our end users, all our products can be installed and cleaned without using any chemicals (glue, primer…), with the exception of our LVT gluedown products. 

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