Benefits of click vinyl planks

Why choose click vinyl planks?

With our 4-sided click vinyl planks, installing a floor was never easier. Our PURE Click floors can be installed on any type of subfloor. Get creative and install your own beautiful floor with a warm wood or classy tile look in just a few clicks. No doubt: PURE really is 'the smartest floor'! Not convinced yet? Discover all the surprising advantages of our click vinyl planks.

Fast and simple installation

The 4-sided DreamClick® locking system included in our PURE collections is the best on the LVT (luxury vinyl planks) market. PURE floors are very strong and can be installed much faster than traditional click systems.

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No subfloor preparation

Thanks to our advanced RCB (rigid composite board) technology, you can install PURE Click on almost any type of subfloor, even on top of an existing tile floor without print-through of the old tile joints.

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Super light planks

The rigid composite board (RCB) makes PURE Click planks up to 30% lighter than other click floors, so they are easy to manipulate, transport and install. The boards are light but ultra-strong.

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Click and match

With PURE Click vinyl planks, you can create your own unique floor pattern. To make your life easier, you can click and match planks and tiles together perfectly thanks to the DreamClick® locking system.

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Super silent floor

PURE has excellent noise reduction properties and is up to 50% more silent than any other LVT floor. It produces a soft sound when walked on and reduces the transmission of sound to the rooms below, making it the ideal floor for apartments, for example.

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Easy to clean

Our click vinyl planks are very low maintenance. Thanks to a protective polyurethane lacquer, the floor is easy to clean and is protected against daily wear and tear. All it needs is an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products.

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Comfort & warm touch

Our vinyl floors stand for comfort in its purest form. The floor is cosy and warm underfoot for cold winter evenings. The vinyl floors have good heat conduction, which makes them an ideal match for underfloor heating.

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100% recyclable

BerryAlloc® vinyl flooring is made from recyclable and renewable material and goes through a production process that requires less energy for manufacture and releases lower emissions to the environment. This makes your floor the perfect option for the world of tomorrow.

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XXL sizes

The size of a vinyl plank visually affects the spatial perception of a room and allows a faster installation. Our vinyl plank collection is therefore also available in XXL sizes.

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