why choose laminate?

why choose laminate?

With so many different flooring choices available, it can be a struggle to figure out which floor suits your lifestyle best. Why laminate then? This type of floor brings you many advantages. It’s an affordable and easy-maintenance alternative for other hardwood flooring options – with equally beautiful wood looks and the added bonus of being extremely scratch resistant. And these good looks won’t fade, since laminate floors are completely UV resistant. It can also be 100% water resistant, giving you the opportunity to recreate a wonderfully natural theme throughout your entire home. Plus, DIYers will be happy to hear that the installation is simple and straightforward.

A stress-free solution for a happy home!

100% water resistant options available

The surface of our laminate planks are unable to absorb any liquid, making them fully splash resistant. Combined with our hydro+ water-repellent coating that further protects the edges of the planks, a compact locking system, and specialised hydro+ accessories used around the perimeter of the room, you’ve got yourself a 100% water-resistant floor that can withstand all kinds of spills.


That’s right! You can choose the level of water resistance, making your floor perfectly adaptable to any room.

premium quality floors

A home makeover requires a considerable investment, so make sure you get your money’s worth by using quality flooring. Looking for a floor that'll suit your lifestyle?


Find out why a BerryAlloc floor is worth it: premium quality materials, genuine wood looks, and made to last. 

mix & match

A select amount of the same colours are available in different plank sizes, so that you can mix and match floors in different rooms for a unique, yet uniform look.

scratch resistant

Not sure how your new floor will fare with pets in the house? We can already tell you now: it’ll do just fine! Our laminate floors are highly scratch resistant thanks to our premium quality materials, so those paws and claws can do no harm.

easy to install

Planning to tackle the installation yourself? With the right tools and the instructions available, you’re fully prepared for a quick and easy installation. Simply slot the planks into place with the help of our snap-in-place locking system, and you’ll be ready in no time.

easy to maintain

All those splashes and spills are easily wiped away to leave a sparklingly clean surface. For regular maintenance, use a soft brush, vacuum cleaner, or microfibre mop along with our biodegradable laminate cleaner.

responsible floors

Our floors are not only made with your comfort in mind, but also with great respect to the environment. At BerryAlloc, we strive to use as little waste as possible. Our laminate floors are manufactured in Belgium to reduce the carbon footprint. Our laminate is PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), supporting the promotion of Sustainable Forest Management. And with an extremely low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission, our floors are safe and healthy to install in your home.

made in Belgium

Our laminate floors hold the ‘made in Belgium’ label – something we’re very proud of. The entire creation process from concept and design to manufacturing, testing, and packaging takes place in our plant in Menen, Belgium, under the careful eye of our dedicated flooring experts.

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