pure vinyl planks and tiles: the most ssshhhh floor on the market

A floor that doesn't wake the little ones while you're sneaking in.


A worry-free foundation that survives your parties, family dinners and children chasing dogs (or the other way around?)


A floor that is unbelievably easy to install. For everyone. Whether it's your first time or your daily occupation.


It doesn't matter if you love traditional, elegant, cozy or creative designs. There is a Pure vinyl floor just for you.


A floor that is loved by everyone, even by our planet. Because the planks are 100% recyclable.


A floor for your home, your life.


The floor is yours. 


There's a Pure floor for everyone. Scroll down to discover the advantages!

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the benefits of Pure

the most ssshhhh floor on the market

Pure has a unique soft top layer that absorbs the walking sound, making it up to 50% more silent than other floors.

light & rigid floors

The rigid composite board (RCB) makes Pure Click planks up to 30% lighter than other click floors, so they are easy to manipulate, transport and install.

DreamClick® locking system

Our DreamClick installation system is your solution to a fast and user-friendly installation. This floor installs twice as fast as any other traditional installation system.

lifetime warranty

We promise you a lifetime warranty for every Pure floor in your home.

easy maintenance

Just take a mop or a vacuum cleaner and you're good to go.


phthalate free

You can relax and breathe easily, because all Pure products are 100% phthalate free.

made in Belgium

We promise high quality that is required of our product. 

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