Fast & Simple Installation

Super fast installation

Thanks to the Dream®Click locking system, any BerryAlloc® PURE floor can be ready and installed in no time. The 4-sided identical locks allow you to install your PURE floor faster than traditional click systems. You can start the next row where you’ve finished the previous row.

Working together on the same floor

PURE allows several installers to work simultaneously on the same floor, to finish your room in no time. The planks can be clicked together on all sides, so you can start the installation in any direction.

Dream®Click, the strongest locking system

Our Dream®Click locking system is the best on the LVT market. PURE Click can withstand heavy loads and frequent traffic with the greatest ease!

Create stunning patterns and designs

It’s as easy as child’s play, and also more fun: mix several colours to create a staggering effect.