spirit: a floor for every room

Spirit is available in both planks and tiles designs. They also come in different formats. Do you see it big or do you want to mix different colours, everything is possible.


All designs are available in click and in gluedown. Are you a professional or are you a first-time installer, we have it all.


The wearlayer ranges from 0,30 to 0,55 mm. This is the thickness of the protective coating on the plank. Depending on the area of use, a different wearlayer is used. Areas with frequent traffic will need a thicker protective layer. 


Our Spirit collection comes in beautiful designs and various formats. Discover all of the advantages here!

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the benefits of Spirit vinyl planks and tiles

just like real wood

Spirit blends the authentic look and feel of natural materials with the ease of use and solidity of a vinyl floor.


Thanks to its innovative, integrated underlay, Spirit minimise the sound of people walking across the floor by up to 20 decibels.

childproof, petproof and easy to clean

The stain- and moisture-resistant coating makes cleaning faster and easier than ever.

all about stability

Spirit will retain its stability throughout every season, despite heavy fluctuations in temperature.

100% phtalate free

You can relax and breathe easily, because all Spirit products are 100% phthalate free.

100% waterproof

Great for kitchens and bathrooms too.

easy to install

Whether your current floor is made out of tiles, wood or concrete, Spirit will cover it up without any issues.

a unique, big tile size

Make your space appear larger and add a luxurious touch.

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