inspired by nature

the Style collection is all about the details

Our designers immersed themselves in nature to fully understand what a wooden structure looks and feels like. They combined this research with craftsmanship in order to create stunning wooden designs. Four unique designs that you can't find anywhere else. Are you ready to make your home cosy and elegant? Touch the floor and feel the detailed structure. See how we've played with all these natural colours to recreate the feeling of real wood.

While these vinyl planks resemble wood almost perfectly, they retain all the benefits of a vinyl floor. With this flooring, you can fully enjoy careless moments. No stains or scratches. So go ahead and dance on it all you want when you're home alone. Let your kids build a fort or get creative with clay. Host a party without having to worry about a glass of wine being spilled. With the wipe of a mop, your floor will look as good as new again!

Elegant Dark Grey - Vinyl Planks floor
Crashed Ash Grey - Vinyl Planks floor
Elegant Natural Brown - Vinyl Planks floor