light & rigid floors


Style is the result of years of experience in the development and production of vinyl floors. More stable and lighter than any other floor.

Style is an exceptionally trustworthy vinyl floor that guarantees stability when temperatures fluctuate. Thanks to our patented Rigid Composite Board, or RCB, you kan easily install Style in front of large, panoramic windows. This RCB formula ensures that sudden changes from cold to warm do not influence your floor. And with its strong click system, Style can effortlessly bear the back-and-forth-walking of everyday life.

Thanks to the foamed structure, the vinyl boards are very light, which is a great advantage for transport and an even greater advantage during installation. 

Style is not only good for you, but also for the environment. Our floors save up to 30% in materials compared to other products on the market. Moreover, the floor is 100% recyclable.


Elegant Natural - Vinyl Planks floor
Cracked Ash Grey - Vinyl Planks floor